Quick tips to start your day with positivity

How you start your day matters. Having a sense of direction in life truly begins with how you manage the day. And how you manage the day begins with one’s attitude. I have found that when I am more intentional and planful, my mood is more consistent throughout the day and week, and I feel more purposeful. Here are some of the tips that I have learned and applied lately to conquer my day.

Keep a plan for the week and for each day. This allows you to “begin with the end in mind”. It is more than likely will give you a sense of control over your day and week. I have found that the more I have intentionally taken time to organize my day and ultimately my week, I have been able to accomplish more of the goals I envision to accomplish. The inner project manager in me views my life as a series of projects. As I become better at managing each aspect of my life, beginning with each day, if feel that I have more control of even the unexpected events. This is because I account for them in my planning. I think that the more I perfect my organization skills around this, I will be able to accomplish my goals more efficiently and effectively. I will share the tools and process of how I plan for the week/day in a later post.

Wake up early. I have always been an early riser. This means that I go to bed relatively earlier than the average person, which sometimes has posed its challenges, but as I have become more intentional and consistent with, I have found myself less stressed out and more rested. I have become more focused, which helps with tip #1, because I when I wake up early, I am able to plan my day out with clear mind.

Do not check your phone right when you wake up. My experience with this has been that, checking the phone at the moment of waking up is one of the most destructive actions to one’s planning. I am gradually recovering from this tendency. I have not totally overcome it, but I can say that the more I have refrained from checking my phone until I have set my day, the more productive I have been.

Pray, meditate and or listen to something positive. This continues to aid me to begin the day aligned/centered. My background as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian is the foundation of my faith as the single most core value to me. And by that, I do not mean the religious practices (which are important), but rather the relationship that I have with God. I think that it is important that one finds connection with something higher and greater. I have used a variation of physical bible lessons study plans, Audible books, Podcasts, YouTube videos, among others, to set my mind in a positive and motivational state to conquer the day – and ultimately the week.

BONUS – Review your day’s plan and Realign. This is important. You can start the day as well as you want, but the upkeep is crucial. During the day, we are met with destructions and unplanned events, many of which can lead us to lose focus and alignment. I think it is important throughout the day to take short breaks to look at the day’s plan and check off what has been accomplished so far, and to revisit some of the positive messages as reminders. This helps to reset the day. As I have worked toward this, I have found myself focused longer and my temperament more even.

I know that his is not at all an extensive list, but only a quick tip list of things that have made a difference in how I start and (sometimes) conquer the day!

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